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Evara is not a real estate company, it is an smart platform that allows you to buy or rent your favorite property in Turkey up to 30% cheaper without intermediaries

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Dwelling and commercial units with special conditions Discount and immediate sale of profitable projects in the best regions of Turkey Apartments, villas, offices, shops, hotels, land and other commercial real estate

Why to choose Evara

Evara makes it possible for you to buy your favorite dwelling or commercial property in Turkey without intermediaries and without paying any additional fees to real estate companies Besides, by using unique Evara technology, you can see the outside and inside of your desired property in a 3D mode or with Bird s eye perspective, you can see the entire vicinity of the building from the sky view Actually, without the need to be present, you see everything completely and make decisions with peace of mind

Showing indoor environment
By using this technology, you can see inside the property as you are really in that place
3D view of the property
By using 3D mode, you can see location and conditions around the property in detail
New generation of real estate agent
If you need more detailed advice and information, you can contact us whenever you want and use the free advice of our experts
Communication without middlemen
With Evara you do not need real estate gents and you can meet directly with the construction company or seller
Presenting local price range
Evara uses a smart algorithm to show you the price growth chart of each region, and you can easily see the increase and profit of your investment from now on
No commission
Evara technology allows you to contact the construction company directly and buy the property you want at the real price.

Special dwelling and commercial units with exceptional conditions in various cities of Turkey for sale or rent For more information, you can contact our support department

The latest registered property

Do you know that hundreds of new projects are registered for sale or rent in Evra every day For the latest discounts on dwelling and commercial property, review the latest Evara registered properties

Common questions

Evara has used diverse advanced technologies for the first time to show real estate and provide the most accurate details so that you can do your real estate transactions in Turkey without risk and with peace of mind We recommend you to read the common questions and answers in order to take full advantage of all Evara services

Evara presents its services freely Moreover, our personnel answer your qustions 24/7 You don’t buy your property form Evara, rather, Evara connects you to the main owner and you can buy your desired property without intermediaries much cheaper than the current price
When you chose your desired property, there is an appointment button on the same property page By clicking on that button and writing the necessary details, you can set an appointment and visit the property directly with the owner or the construction company If you need more information, you can contact our support department
Evara uses 3D display technology and shows the inside environment of each property with thorough detail The 3D images are so sharp and clear that that you feel like you are walking inside the property This technology allows you to get acquainted with the details inside the property, wherever you are and you don’t need to be present
It is easy to register a property in Evara If you have dwelling or commercial unit for sale, you can register your property in Evara by clicking on the property registration button to complete the relevant form Evara is the first real estate company without middlemen and it is a suitable place to sell your property After registering the property, customers can directly set an appointment with you
When consultants and users register in Evara, some of the information related to their identity is received Evara will secure this information and will not reveal them, under any conditions, except for the rules and regulations of cyberspace